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August 4, 2010

Runtime Flow v1.1.7 released

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Runtime Flow v1.1.7 released:

  • added the Monitoring filter option,
  • added the Locate in summary toolbar command,
  • added Go to source toolbar buttons,
  • added ability to find debug information even after exe was moved to another directory,
  • added thrown exception object info,
  • added an icon to notification tooltips,
  • added the No more found notification tooltip,
  • added the Options button to the Customized run dialog,
  • enabled tooltips for disabled toolbar buttons,
  • changed dark red color for the selected function to the bold font weight,
  • removed module filter from the Customized run dialog,
  • removed automatic go to source on function selection,
  • removed bring into view selected item after failed search,
  • fixed C++/CLR application files lock after going to source.

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