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September 12, 2010

Portable Edition

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I’ve created the portable Runtime Flow edition that can work without Visual Studio and almost without installation. It should be perfect for troubleshooting problems after deployment. The main window contains the toolbar that performs exactly the same functions as the toolbar integrated with Visual Studio:

Runtime Flow portable edition

Runtime Flow portable edition

You can download the portable edition as a zip archive containing following files:

Runtime Flow portable files

Runtime Flow portable files

The only installation step required is profiler COM class registration. If you don’t have admin rights and you only need to monitor applications under the current account, run “Register profiler for the current user.cmd”. If you have admin rights, it is recommended to run “Register profiler for the local machine.cmd”. When no longer needed, you can unregister the profiler with the appropriate “Unregister…” script.

Runtime Flow portable requires .NET 3.5 SP1 to be installed (or .NET 3.0 plus VS 2008 C++ runtime) when running on Windows XP and Vista. On Windows 7 no additional components required.

Download link: Runtime Flow portable v1.2.1.


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